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I created the dinner for two to chronicle the highs and lows of sharing and preparing meals with your other half. I’m always thinking about my next meal, and seven years ago, I was lucky enough to meet a like-minded (and handsome) guy in London, who is now my husband. These days we call NYC home, where we have a bounty of exciting food shops, farmers’ markets and restaurants to satisfy our appetites.

After we moved in together, sharing meals meant planning, procuring and preparing meals together on a daily basis, and it got me thinking about the subtle and not so subtle compromises we make to share meals with our partners. I had an opportunity to explore this topic further while I pursued my master’s degree in food studies, and I quickly realized that there were lots of stories waiting to be told. That was the inspiration that led me to create the dinner for two.  Ultimately, the meals we share are about more than the food on our plates; they’re our daily cue to reconnect with our loved ones, and that’s true regardless of whether we’re tucking into an elaborate homemade creation or pulling back the lids from take-out containers.

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