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A week with Lucrezia & John

Meet Lucrezia & John –

John & Lucrezia

Where do you live? Boylston, MA

How long have you lived together? 5 years

How often do you eat together? Usually every night

Who’s the cook at your house? It depends –     Lucrezia usually takes the lead in the kitchen with John’s help, but John does all the grilling.

What are your go-to meals? Pasta with tomato sauce, rotini (pasta) with tomatoes and feta – basically quick meals that we can make on a weeknight, with ingredients that we typically have in the house. In the summer, it’s anything on the grill with a summer salad (like watermelon salad with tomatoes and feta).

What’s your ideal meal? Generally it’s something that’s relatively easy/quick to prepare, includes fresh ingredients, and makes good leftovers.  We’re always looking for recipes that fit well with our busy schedules.

How has your relationship influenced the way you eat? Lucrezia  – Before we moved in together I would often eat a light snack for dinner instead of taking the time to prepare a whole meal for myself.  Living with John, I’m much more likely to eat a complete meal for dinner. Also, I eat more meat than I used to; John – I eat more pasta since we’ve been living together.

What are your guilty pleasures? Lucrezia – I have a thing for super sweet kids’ cereals. I try to avoid them as much as possible, but in a moment of weakness I’ve been known to treat myself to some Cinnamon Toast Crunch; John – Pistachios – I can go through a one pound bag in one sitting.

Any food highlights from the week? We tried out a new recipe for sauteed shrimp which was definitely a hit. It was delicious and easy, and will definitely be making a repeat appearance on our dinner table. The recipe is here. Also, we made a visit to our favorite restaurant, Tomasso, a local Italian spot that never disappoints.

Let’s see what was on their table…

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