A week with Alex & Ben

Alex&BenMeet our latest couple, Ben & Alex

Where do you live? Washington, DC

How long? We just (officially) moved in together two months ago!

Favorite foods? Alex – anything with prosciutto, basil and cilantro; Ben – tacos or a good Margherita pizza

How often do you eat together? Five to six nights a week

Who’s the cook at your house? Alex

What’s your go-to meal(s)? Alex – I don’t have one; Ben – baked chicken, white rice and corn

What’s your ideal meal? Alex – something salty, with a protein and a veggie; Ben – my mother’s fried chicken, Alex’s dad’s pepperoni rolls, my grandmother’s collard greens, corn bread, my sister’s Texas sheet cake and my mother’s Carolina sweet tea (hopefully not all in one sitting!)

How has your relationship influenced the way you eat? Alex – I eat a lot more rice; Ben – I eat far more complex dishes and more Italian cuisine

What surprised you about each other’s eating habits after you moved in together? Ben – Alex never mixes her foods when eating.

What are your guilty pleasures? Alex – chips and raw cookie dough are my weakness; Ben – I love both salty and sweet which makes snacking quite an adventure since I need to satisfy both types of cravings. Oreo cookies and Lucky Charms never get old either.

What’s one thing you can’t agree on? Alex – Ben thinks I’m afraid of salt, and I think he goes overboard with it.

What’s the best meal you ever shared? Both – We loved everything about dinner at Volt Restaurant in Frederick, MD – the presentation, the service, the flavors. We liked it so much that  we’ve made it an annual event!

Let’s see what was on their table last week.

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